Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

What is a Customer Loyalty Program?

Sustainable growth demands customer loyalty. Long-lasting success for any business requires identifying, incenting and retaining the most loyal and valued customer relationships. We create unique loyalty programs that locate and reward your most valued customers, converting them to powerful brand advocates.

Program Features


Customers can participate in a variety of engaging games, including: Point Rewards, Instant Prize Games and Sweepstakes

Endless Catalogue Options

Our proprietary Catalogue management system automatically keeps exciting and dynamic reward choices up-to-date

Customer Tracking

Track customer loyalty activity with detailed engagement & redemption reports.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

The average household belongs to 12 loyalty programs. With this in mind, marketers must develop unique customer loyalty experiences that distinguish your brand from the crowd. Our programs are designed to identify and reward your most valued customers. Programs may be built with a combination of features and functions, including:

  • Customised program web site
  • Automated / real-time award issuance based on transaction data
  • Automated award notifications and program updates
  • Mobile friendly user interface
  • Customised awards Catalogue and comprehensive program management and reporting tools to track performance

What Is The Impact?

What Is The Impact?

According to a recent study published by MarketingProfs, loyal customers accounted for 20% of the customer base of participating companies [1]. The same case study found that the same 20% of loyal customers are responsible for 80% of the revenue generated. Considering the costs of new customer acquisition and the value of loyal customers, Companies without an engaging and sustainable loyalty program are at a competitive disadvantage.

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