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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Moving Employee Recognition Into the 21st Century

Contemporary Solutions for Employee Recognition Programs

Michael Levy, CEO of Online Rewards, recently hosted a webinar through HCI.

In his presentation, Michael covers the history of Employee Recognition. He discusses what makes a successful Employee Recognition Program and shares key data points that are integral in building a strategic, values-based Employee Recognition Program. Given how generations impact the current workplace dynamic, he discusses how technology plays a role in Employee Recognition Programs and their execution. Michael also shares how to successfully transition from older Employee Recognition Programs to more contemporary solutions that are not only less expensive, but are more impactful overall.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Are Our Employees Engaged?

The link between formal employee recognition programs and engagement is clear.

With so much attention to employee engagement theory in Human Resources circles, the majority of employees must be “highly engaged” by now, right?

Not so, according to the findings in the 2017 Employee Engagement Report from TINYpulse. In fact, we’re moving in the wrong direction:

Only 24% of employees feel connected to their peers and engaged in their work — an 11% drop from 2016.

One in four employees feel recognized for their efforts at work — down 16% from last year.

The TINYpulse report identifies these factors that also contribute to employee engagement, or lack thereof:

  • The Culture of the organization, including interpersonal relationships and work environment
  • The lack of transparency by management, and inadequate opportunities for growth
  • An inefficient and infrequent performance review process; lack of feedback on performance

The link between formal employee recognition programs and engagement is clear, and will result with:

  • Creating a culture of recognition by unifying recognition strategies under an umbrella program
  • Creating a platform of communication between management and employees
  • Enabling managers to frequently recognize employees for positive performance

The correlation between employee engagement and financial performance is clear, yet company leaders still seem reluctant to invest in engagement strategies.

Companies with the highest levels of employee engagement experience the lowest turnover rates — a significant cost in today's workplace.

To turn your employee engagement numbers around, partner with an experienced firm that specializes in Employee Recognition programs and can guide you through the necessary steps to structure effective recognition programs that will engage employees, improve financial performance and reduce turnover.


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